IT Services India



The Volkswagen Group; a company comprising 12 International Automobile brands, has set up a new company called the “Volkswagen IT Services India Pvt. Ltd. (VWITS)” in Pune, India. The idea behind the initiative is to establish professional regional competency centre as a strategic extended workbench for VW Group IT, offering mature delivery capabilities through availability of highly skilled resources across projects and services.


Sidharth Yadav , MD VWITS says,

Our fundamental of Volkswagen IT Services India Pvt. Ltd. is based on the Group’s ‘Back to Tech’ strategy that means to insource the technical capabilities and to reduce dependency on the external suppliers and bring back the knowledge of critical business processes & systems with Volkswagen.

With the vision of being ‘Best IT in Automotive’, our focus is on Innovation in IT Products & Services. Our strength to deliver quality is based on 4 pillars which are: